Our GiveBack Program

We offer a "GiveBack" program where a percentage of all the gear your participants buy for your program go back to you!! You can then use those funds to purchase the things you need for your program from us. We will have a full lineup of items with your logo on them that kids can buy!
  • You program earns a percentage of all gear bought by your JGs
  • You get a credit through our online store to get gear for your program
  • We offer a full line of gear with your logo on it
  • You do nothing except tell your JGs to get gear at your URL on our online store

Your webpage. Your store.

We provide a customized online webpage for your JGs to buy all the gear they need for your program. We manage the whole process of supplying your participants with their uniforms! Sourcing, creating, stocking and distributing. No more inventory, hassles of getting enough or ordering the right sizes for all your JGs. Let us step in and manage this part of the program for you so you can focus on what you do best! Give us a call if you want to find out more and how to make it easier for you to get your JGs their uniforms. Did we mention we sew on patches too?!
  • We provide a customized online webpage
  • Your JGs can find and buy all the gear they need for your program
  • We manage the process of supplying your JGs
  • No more ordering, storing, or inventory for you
  • We did this for the Coronado JG Program in 2018
  • New programs are excited about this opportunity
  • We can add your logo or patch to any products too

Flyer Program

We will make a flyer for you to distribute at your swim tests or at the first day of your program customized with the gear your participants want and need! Alternatively, we can arrange to come to your uniform handout day(s) to offer your participants the opportunity to purchase gear on the spot. (Insert flyer examples here.)  Don't forget to check out our "GiveBack" program!
  • We make a flyer for your program's gear needs
  • Customized gear for your participants and needs
  • We can also arrange to come to you on swim test or uniform handout days
  • We can make it easy for your JGs to find gear items online or in person

Uniform sizing events

We will come to you with all the gear your participants need and size them up! This includes boardshorts, swimsuits, rashguards, swimfins, and other offerings so your participants know exactly what fits. We write it all on a convenient sizing form that the kids take home and can order all the gear online on your customized program's web page. In most cases the gear arrives on their doorstep in 13 days. (Insert link to sizing form) Give us a call and we can tell you more! Don't forget to check out our "GiveBack" program also.
  • We come to you with all the gear your JGs need
  • We size them up to ensure they order the correct size the first time
  • Boardshorts, swimsuits, rashguards, swimfins and more
  • We recommend our Tribe T2 swimfins
  • They fill out their sizes on our sizing form
  • They use that form to order their gear on our website
  • The gear arrives on their doorstep in 13 days

Wholesale/Private label gear

We are a one stop shop with everything you need for your program at great prices! Whether it's long sleeve tshirts, 8 different colored rashguards for you to use for your multiple divisions, straw hats, bucket & trucker hats, surfboards, bodyboards, and even boardshorts and swimsuits with your logo on them! Get your program rockin' and let us do a customized quote for you! Don't forget to check out our "GiveBack" program also.  Click here for our catalog.
  • JG Program Discounts
  • Onestop shop
  • Everything you need at great prices
  • Your logo or patch on it
  • For a quote contact us!
  • We offer great discounts to Junior Lifeguard programs!


We offer a program to Junior Lifeguard families who need help getting the gear and uniforms they need. Please have your participants fill out our sponsorship application form or email us at info@jrguards.com with your request. If you are a Junior Lifeguard coordinator please forward the information to your participants so they can apply! Have a booster club or nonprofit? We can work with you to provide low cost discounted items through donations and sponsorship.
  • To help get families in need into your program
  • We can sponsor them to get the gear they need
  • Fill out our sponsorship application or email info@jrguards.com
  • If you are a booster club, inquire about discount gear pricing/donations

Bodyboard competition and instruction

We are also holding a bodyboard competition for programs up and down the California Coast in summer 2019. For any JG program that is interested in participating in the contest, and depending on the location, former professional bodyboarders Jay and Vicki Reale would come to speak to the JG kids about bodyboarding, wave riding, give them a free lesson and do a demo in the water, give them tips on maneuvers, ocean safety on a floatation device, duckdiving, reading waves, and info on the competition. We will have some tattoos, keychains, stickers and sunglasses to give out and will even provide the program with a couple of bodyboards, and some swimfins if they don't have any. The kids who are interested in competing will practice bodyboarding during their JG session in preparation to compete at the Cal State Games Grand Finale.
  • Open statewide to all CA JG Programs
  • Bodyboard demonstration and lecture available
  • Epic giveaways
  • Finale at the Cal State Games in Coronado, CA
  • Grand prize and bodyboard for winner
  • More information in the long description below